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Conventions and Expos

Conventions and Expos 2019

2/28-3/5: AAD in Washington, D.C.

3/6-3/9: NAPNAP in New Orleans, LA

3/6-3/10: ICIM in Philadelphia, PA

3/14-3/17: CANP in San Diego, CA

3/15-3/16: PSONS in Renton, WA

3/19: LAPS in Los Angelos, CA

3/20-3/23: ACOPF 56th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars in Chicago, IL

4/2: Connecticut Chiropractor Association in Prospect, CT

4/6-4/10: AORN in Nashville, TN

4/11-4/14: ONS Oncology Nurse in Anaheim, CA

4/12-4/17: ASSM in Houston, TX

4/15-4/17: Health & Nutrition in San Francisco, CA

5/1-5/3: Pri-Med Southwest in Houston, TX

5/1-5/5: ASBS in Dallas, TX

5/3: Nahn LA Chapter in Los Angelos, CA

5/18-5/20: AAPA in Denver, CO

5/18-5/21: ACNM in Washington DC

5/21-5/24: Pri-Med West in Anaheim, CA

5/30-6/1: IFM in San Antonio, TX

6/2-6/7: AHNA in Tulsa, OK

6/18-2/23: AANP in Indianpolis, IN

7/11-7/14: Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, NV

8/28-9/2: FAPA in Marco Island, FL

8/29-8/30: SWPONL

9/24-9/27:  NCNP in Las Vegas, NV

10/25-10/28: OMED AOA in Baltimore, MD

10/12-10/16: AIHM in San Diego, CA

11/14-11/17: AAPMR in San Antonio, TX

10/23-10/27: ICIM in Toronto, ON

10/25-10/29: AAP in New Orleans, LA

10/30-11/2: Pri-Med Midwest in Rosemont, IL

12/12-12/15: A4M World Congress in Las Vegas, NV