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Homeopathic medicines are the subject of current research that experiments with their therapeutic effects in vitro and in vivo. Below are recommended titles for further reading.


1.-cedhmedbookPharmacology and Homeopathic Materia Medica

CEDH; Demarque Denis, M.D.; Jouanny Jacques, M.D.; Poitevin Bernard, M.D.; Saint-Jean Yves, M.D.
2007, third edition, 950 pages

A mandatory read for a deeper understanding of homeopathic medicines, this book discusses the reliability of clinical indications, the latest scientific and technical data, and validated teaching methods. More than 300 homeopathic medicines are covered, with a focus on each medicine’s origin and description, general mode of action, main clinical indications, and prescription recommendations. Each prescription is illustrated with a specific clinical example. This Materia Medica has been entirely updated and can be used in daily clinical practice, as well as in personal work.

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memento_4CHomeopathic Memento – From the Symptom to the Materia Medica

CEDH; Maryline Busser, PharmD; François Chefdeville, M.D.; Jean-Marc Cousin, M.D.; Philippe Desobeau, M.D.; Joseph Lambert, M.D.; Jean Merckel, M.D.; Josette Nouguez, M.D. 
2005, 240 pages

After a thorough interview, physicians have to look for a medicine that has the symptom or modality described by the patient in its pathogenesis. With this book, physicians are able to go directly from a symptom to the Materia Medica. Seven main categories, more than 1,000 symptoms organized alphabetically, and 270 key symptoms provide physicians with quick access to relevant homeopathic medicines.

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frameworks_protocols_reducedHomeopathic Therapeutics – Frameworks and Protocols

CEDH; Jacques Boulet, M.D.; Antoine Demonceaux, M.D.; Fabienne Donner, M.D.; Yves Leveque, M.D.
2008, 184 pages

Can homeopathic medicines be prescribed by all physicians? Which medicines? For what indications? What are their limits? Can homeopathy lead to therapeutic frameworks or protocols? What answers can homeopathy bring to the questions that arise in a physician’s daily practice? Can homeopathy be an answer to the new medical guidelines for health care management, such as lower consumptions of antibiotics and anxiolytics? This book answers all of these questions and guides physicians wanting to discover homeopathy to their first prescriptions.

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materia_medica_reducedMateria Medica – Therapeutic Sheets

CEDH; Jacques Boulet, M.D.; Jean-Pierre Loupias, M.D.
2009, 260 pages

In addition to the various tools available from the CEDH, this easy-to-use book features concise, thorough information on the most frequently prescribed homeopathic medicines. The presentation of these 257 Materia Medica therapeutic sheets gives physicians easy access to the clinical indications in light of the key elements validating the choice for the medicine.

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medicine_specificity_reducedMedicine and Specificity

Denis Demarque, M.D.
2009, 87 pages

Specificity has been an issue throughout the history of medicine, and it’s at the heart of the endless debates that have impassioned the world of homeopathy from the very beginning. How do we name and classify diseases, patients and medicines? Can we do that? Can we say that medicine is disease-specific or patient-specific? Demarque addresses these issues in this book.

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Homeo_chronic_pelvicpain_reducedHomeopathy & Chronic Pelvic Pain

CEDH; Fabienne Donner, M.D.
2010, 121 pages

This book provides a clear, concise overview of this complex disorder, which is essential for doctors’ continuous medical training. It also gives both a general practitioner and a specialist the practical knowledge he needs to enrich his practice with precise and efficient homeopathic therapeutics and to provide better care for his patients affected by this pathology.

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Homeo_perimneopause_reducedHomeopathy & Perimenopause

CEDH; Christelle Besnard-Charvet, M.D.
2010, 124 pages

The theme of this book reflects a daily situation faced by gynecologists. It offers answers to specific clinical situations that are highly relevant in a physician’s daily practice, since allopathic treatments often do not fully answer a patient’s care needs or are ill advised in some clinical situations. Homeopathy is very useful for these patients. Although this book is aimed towards gynecologists, it is also very relevant for all physicians and medical school students.

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book-schoolHomeopathy & School Difficulties

CEDH; Veronique Desfontaines, M.D.
2010, 106 pages

The themes discussed in this book will appeal to pediatricians and general practitioners alike, because the goal of each observation, regardless of the reason for consulting, is to understand each child through his or her difficulties, successes, general behaviors and individual sensitivities. Shared clinical experiences will expand your knowledge of pediatrics, nosology and homeopathic Materia Medica and will define the role of homeopathy among other therapeutics.

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ENT_PAINHomeopathy for ENT Pain

CEDH; Jean Mouillet, M.D.
2010, 88 pages

The relevance of this type of homeopathic pain management lies in the clinical experience of Dr. Jean Mouillet. This book sheds light on the global therapeutic care of the patient that meets all the requirements for homeopathic treatments. It is highly recommended to all physicians because it presents each condition in its anatomical and pathophysiological context using simple and numerous illustrations.

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Homeopathy and Pharmaceutical Care

56 Clinical Protocols
by Michèle Boiron & François Roux
Includes access to members only online portal.

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