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Chestal® Honey

Boiron Chestal Honey calms all different types of common coughs. The goodness of real honey in Chestal coats and soothes the throat, and the blend of homeopathic medicines loosens chest congestion, thereby making the cough more productive. Chestal Honey is your day and night solution — calming those dry, fitful coughs at bedtime so they don’t prevent sleep, but without affecting alertness during the day.


  • Temporarily relieves all types of common coughs
  • Made with real honey
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Non-drowsy; no drug interactions
  • For everyone 2 years of age and older

Although the formula is the same, the medicine is packaged as “Chestal Cough Honey” and “Children’s Chestal® Cough Honey,” so it can be easily found in the adult cold and cough section or in the children’s medicine aisle.

Chestal Honey Cough & Chest CongestionChestal Honey Cough & Chest Congestion

Boiron Chestal Cough Honey is recommended by Ken Redcross, MD, a family practitioner with the Manhattan’s Physician Group in New York, NY.

These medical professionals have been compensated by Boiron USA for their time.

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