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Train your team with our online Boiron Health Care Professional Webinar Series, or with the resources below.

Core Readiness


Introduction to Homeopathic medicines.
This course provides an overview of homeopathic medicines, from historical beginnings to present day, as well as clinical pearls for healthcare professionals.

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Oscillococcinum Overview
Learn all about the homeopathic flu medicine, Oscillococcinum (Oscillo). Learn how Oscillococcinum is produced, recommended, and administered.

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View or download this PowerPoint presentation to learn more about how homeopathic medicines are manufactured and how they can be used by health care professionals in daily practice.

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Boiron Manufacturing Process

In this 1937 video, Boiron’s co-founder, pharmacist Jean Boiron, shows us the steps taken to manufacture homeopathic medicines. From harvesting plants in the French Alps to creating mother tinctures in the Boiron laboratory, Jean and his team work diligently to ensure they are producing high-quality medicines for their patients and consumers.

Registered pharmacist Gary Kracoff with Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center in Waltham, Mass. explains the benefits of using homeopathic medicines with your family to relieve acute health conditions at the first sign of symptoms.

Registered pharmacist Gary Kracoff with Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center in Waltham, Mass. shares his top five homeopathic medicines for every family’s medicine cabinet.

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Getting You Started


The Health Care Professionals Product Catalog features detailed information on Boiron’s branded and single medicines, as well as available kits and storage units and reference books. Boiron offers hundreds of homeopathic medicines in various dilutions and forms. Named in Latin for their source materials, the 83 most frequently used single active ingredient medicines can be found in many pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. Others can be special-ordered and fulfilled through Boiron’s U.S. laboratory.

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